Interesting Blockchain Project Ideas For Beginners

Despite popular misconceptions, the topic of Blockchain extends well beyond the world of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. A blockchain is a decentralized, immutable,  public ledger that contains a series of blocks on which transactions are recorded.  Because data is stored in a block it is immutable and cannot be modified. This way all the transactions and data are encrypted via a decentralized blockchain system.  There has been much discussion about how powerful Blockchain can be. Because of this, many companies are now searching for blockchain engineers to help them integrate the technology into their operations. Today, we are going to discuss some of the fascinating blockchain project ideas for beginners.

Upgrade Your Present Supply Chains

When you think about Blockchain, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly technological applications in whichever way it’s convenient. The ‘Supply Chain for Farmers’ through the application of blockchain aims to create a new kind of agricultural supply chain. Farmers are a disadvantaged and impoverished socioeconomic group all over the globe even though they perform a critical role in our society. This is attributable to several factors. They are always in need of financial allowances to keep their world moving. The government makes payments to farmers in certain nations, such as India. In the entire system of payment there seem to have delays and protracted payment intervals, eliminating any opportunity for investment and security. The plan is to use blockchain technology to decentralize the present system, remove intermediaries, and automate the supply chain. The current supply system’s issue is easy to grasp but difficult to solve.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SCM encompasses the whole process of converting raw material into final products. It is in charge of any product or service’s supply-side and the flow and storage of items and services. We can easily trace the chronology of ownership of a product from raw material to the end customer using blockchain technology. Blockchain’s transparent and traceable characteristics will aid in such activities. The licensing of goods and services may be done quickly simply using blockchain technology. Not only Costs will be reduced, but security will be enhanced too. This initiative has the potential to revolutionize SCM in the coming times.

Using A Smart Contract To Create A Trusted Crowdfunding Platform

Going by the data, 85% of businesses delay delivery, and 14% do not deliver what they promised to angel investors. Many crowdfunding sites now have issues with accountability and trust, which is why money from investors has often gone to the incorrect campaign and been exploited. Now, by deploying a blockchain-based platform, one may make a significant difference. With blockchain technology, investors can see where their money is going and how it is spent. A smart contract helps to keep money in the Blockchain locked up until the project or the business founder achieves progress.

Create A New Innovative Ticketing System

Smart tickets are another way to put blockchain technology in daily life. The implementation of Blockchain offers customers increased security and confidence. Two issues led the team behind the ‘Stubr’ blockchain project to work. Ticket counterfeiting and a lack of consumer protection were two concerns that drove the team behind the blockchain project ‘Stubr’ to get to work. The present ticket technology is transformed into collectible NFTs in this project proposal. It is no longer feasible to create fake tickets in this manner.

Blockchain-Based E-Voting System

Many E-voting campaigns have previously been conducted. People are still skeptical about E-voting because of security concerns. We can improve security by using blockchain technology. We may also make the information available to the appropriate authorities, allowing them to monitor harmful activity. It may seem far-fetched, but it can provide us with a fair and safe voting system if correctly implemented. It can reduce the expense of multiple voting booths that are built and monitored physically during an election.

Peer-To-Peer Commuting

Most commuting and radio taxi services have a middleman, usually the platform or the agency itself. Let’s consider an agency like Uber that chooses to cease operations in your city tomorrow. Consider how, if ride-sharing and car-hire systems were shifted to the Blockchain without the need of a middleman, passengers and drivers would be able to communicate directly. This will not only save you money on trips, but it will also help ride-sharing become a safe and dependable mode of transportation.

Make A Permanent Record Of All Validated Papers

In today’s environment, it is getting easier to be duped. Unfortunately, this issue has crept to our professional networks, with some members fabricating credentials and putting them on their applications. While there are other ways to tackle certification fraud, such as recruiting issues, our project proposal focuses on simplicity. Edcheck is the initiative’s name that tries to make digital certificates more secure and trustworthy. Even though the project’s emphasis was on curricular certificates, it may be utilized in various documents. Users just input their data into a mobile application, and all information regarding digital certificates stored on the Blockchain is obtained.

The Insurance Industry

It might take a long time to process the documentation before the insurance is approved. This can be done via Blockchain, and insurers will swiftly access papers and reports, reducing the time it takes for insured money to reach its destination. Blockchain’s traceability will aid this procedure. People will be able to comprehend the cost risks more simply, and insurers will save money.

Charity Application That Is Both Transparent And Genuine

Many phony charitable organizations operate in today’s world, posing as legitimate and stealing money from unsuspecting individuals in the name of charity. Many individuals want to contribute money to a worthwhile cause, but they are unclear if the money will reach the right hands of those in need. In this situation, a blockchain system may provide transparency to online charitable trusts and strategies, enabling donors to trace the flow of their gifts in real-time and ensure that they reach deserving beneficiaries.

Brands That Have Been Copied And Identified

In the market, every successful brand has an imposter. These bogus vendors offer their goods/commodities under the brand name. This causes customers to be perplexed and distrustful. A barcode is inscribed on the product label of every original manufacturer. This barcode is one-of-a-kind and may be scanned by anybody to verify the product’s authenticity. Blockchain technology may be used to link this data. It is possible to create a smartphone application that does the functions above. Previous research has been done on this subject, but several bogus brands are still on the market. In this sector, there are several opportunities to improve accuracy.

A Web Hosting System That Is Decentralized

Today, web hosting works by holding all online material, including textual information, code, and audiovisual content, in a centralized place that can subsequently be accessed over the internet. But you must know that your site may experience downtime during server maintenance or if the server’s load becomes too high. Imagine if your website didn’t need a central server because of Blockchain. With Blockchain, you may divide your website content into granules, distribute them around the internet, and connect them using the blockchain registry.

Follow The Trail Of Your Food Back To Its Origins

We all want to consume organic food, and you can get it at your neighborhood market. But, you must know whether it’s organic and are you aware that there’s a bird flu epidemic at a few chicken farms. But how can you tell if the chicken leg on your plate comes from one of those sick farms? Implementing a system that allows customers to track back the route of fresh items or meat to its source using blockchain technology may increase consumer confidence in their food. Having at least one or more of these blockchain project ideas as a blockchain specialist will undoubtedly increase your chances of being recruited.

Final Thoughts 

These are 12 project ideas that students and beginners may undertake. Select the one that best suits your requirements, and please alter the idea to meet your needs. Above all, we hope this article has thrown some light on the enormous spectrum of real-world uses of Blockchain. Careers in blockchain technology are on the increase, and Blockchain has permanently transformed the face of the IT sector. You can check out for various career opportunities in different IITs if you’re interested in becoming a blockchain developer and creating smart contracts and chain codes. An advanced certificate program in blockchain technology for graduates is a must if you are totally into this domain.


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